Sponges, cotton twine
180 x 500 cm and 120 x 160 cm approx.

Home is a large-scale site-specific installation.

The best way to celebrate Chinese New Year is with family. Imagine penguin has no exception. According to Chinese classics Shan Hai Jing, penguin is called ‘people’ because like human, it has two feet and standing upright. Penguins are amazing caring animals that taking care of their families in ways comparable to humans.

‘Home’ comprises thousands of pearlwort, a native flower in Antarctica. Planting the bright yellow pearlwort inside their new home at Sydney Aquarium not only creates a festive atmosphere but also gives blessing and happiness.

Above the observation windows, suspended from the bar is the Chinese character home, jia. It creates an intimacy to the audiences who can read Chinese. It makes travellers feel at home.

Each pearlwort is made out of household sponges. Then using cotton kitchen twine to create a net joining pearlworts together.

Lunar New Year at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
Commissioned by Sydney Aquarium