I DANCE WITH YOU 千里共婵娟 2019
Music: Andrew Zhou

‘I dance with you’ is a new media installation. It combines intricate art, interactive light and original music to provide a spiritual and immersive experience. 

The installation depicts the Qilin in flight on a journey through time. Mythical stories of Gods, legendary rulers, and immortals adorn its wings, as well as carvings of nature, inspired by the Classic of Mountains and Seas (Shan Hai Jing), a Chinese classic text. 

In Chinese and East Asian mythology, the Qilin is a mythical holy beast composed of a dragon (qi) and a phoenix (lin) – yin and yang. It consists of two polarities in one. 

Five rows of Qilin wings mysteriously float in the air. Echoing the yin and yang of the legendary creature, the installation combines static cut out with moving images, the old with the new and the organic with the technological. I hope this harmonised creature will bring us prosperity and peace.

Wander around the cut out wings to activate lights revealing shapes, shadows and detail. And lose yourself as the moving lights change colour to complement the emotions expressed in an original soundtrack evoking peace and tranquillity.

Vivid Sydney at Chatswood