Blurring Boundaries
11 May – 6 July 2024
Shoalhaven Regional Gallery
12 Berry St, Nowra NSW Australia

Blurring Boundaries is a multifaceted exhibition that includes site-specific installation, paper cut by hand, wall drawings, animation and light projection. It is about exploring early Chinese migrants’ stories from a migrant Chinese artist. 

Blurring Boundaries dialogues heritage and culture, east and west, life and death, presence and absence, reality and imagination. My art reflects my life, upbringing, worldview, changed environment, and presence, and is deeply intertwined with my personal experiences. It is an interdependent relationship between my work and my life, which I extend to the public, inviting everyone to participate.

Blurring Boundaries is also a dialogue of place, identity and otherness. It deals with trauma, crime, tension, pain, taboo, irony and also spirituality and healing. It aims to obtain clarity in representing complex identities without prejudice, stereotypes or discrimination.

In February 2023, I had the opportunity to spend two weeks at the Bundanon artist-in-residence program exploring the hidden stories and narratives connecting Chinese Australians in the Shoalhaven with the natural environments of the region. However, the more I tried to clarify the truth of the past, the blurrier the past became. I came to realise that stories have a way of persisting over time, some adapting and evolving while others are re-contextualised and translated. Stories can create the illusion of defying time.

Full exhibition catalogue on request.