Shen Long 神龍

Site-specific installation with multi-channel animation projection. Music composed by Andrew Zhou

Shen Long is a large-scale site-specific installation of hand-cut outs and animation projections with music by Andrew Zhou.

According to ancient Chinese folklore, Shen Long (spiritual dragon) is a powerful magical creature in the universe. Resplendent with a vivid blue body, it controls the wind, rainfall and clouds.

The Chinese dragon, unlike the Western dragon is a life-giver than a life-destroyer. In ancient times, dragon helped the Emperor overcome disasters, such as storms and famine. During the Great Flood, dragon drew rivers with his tail to channel the flood to the ocean.

Zu recreates a new myth to address one of the most important issues – the climate emergency – of our time.

Suspended from ceiling to the ground, the mysterious Shen Long appears partially in the empty space surrounded by hand-cut eight water-series. Water represents eternity. Audiences feel Shen Long’s existence by observing the movement of the ocean.

The goddness Nüwa gives birth to Shen Long. She has a human face and snake body representing the coexistence of the spiritual and real world.

The soundtrack ‘Enduring’ is a suite of six pieces – (I) In its own time (II) Last firm light (III) Thunderstorm (IV) Nature in its myriad forms (V) Silk threads (VI) The hollow places.