Gate of Grace
Hand-cut vinyl, acrylic glass, steel frame, light and sound
Music by Andrew Zhou

Commissioned by the Adelaide Festival for OzAsia Festival

Multimedia artist Tianli Zu carves out the forms of the sun, the moon, Australian native plants, fruits, and water off the natural plywood to construct the Gate of Grace. It is a welcome entrance decorated with nature. This metaphorical open Gate welcomes visitors from diverse backgrounds to walk through the Gate to celebrate OzAsia Festival. 

At night, Gate of Grace illuminates from inside channeling people’s inner world. Lights synchronise with music taking audiences on a journey as you walk through the entrance. Lights and cast shadows will be dancing together when audiences enter.

Gate of Grace signifies the essence of life, the harmonious relationship with nature, sharing with others, social grace, empowerment, energy, and awareness. In particular it demonstrates Asian people’s virtue – humility.

Zu utilises natural materials to praise the beauty of nature. Gate of Grace is nature – as it is – nothing is added and not even necessary to cover with colour. Zu creates well-constructed and pleasing compositions to engage audiences. She offers audiences an experience to obtain an understanding of time and changes by observing the co-existence between solid and absence. Through contemplation of the forms existing in human society, it becomes possible to shape the world.

Australian native flowers such as wattles, Banksia, Eucalyptus, pink flannel all have a round shape. The circles represent Asian aesthetics and stand for fulfilment and oneness. Although there are opposing forces – Yin and Yang – these forces form a circle. The cutout and solid together create a whole. Symbolic Asian fruits such as pomegranates, Buddhas hand, peaches and mandarin also have round shapes. They echo the full Moon at night.

Moon Lantern Trail
OzAsia Festival 2022
Tarntanya Wama/Pinky Flat
Adelaide Festival Centre
20 – 23 October