A new world on Earth
Hand cut paper, animation
Music by Andrew Zhou
Duration: 10:03 mins

A new world on Earth is a video animated from the papercuts that I created in the past 2 years during the Covid-19 pandemic. They are mythical and contemporary imageries from my inner vision and psyches to evoke the essence of life. It celebrates coming out of the pandemic and reclaiming lives.

I attempt channeling to a new world and it is on this Earth.  Earth is our home, but it is threatened, such as climate breakdown, deforestation, pollution, health problems, and the reduction of biodiversity. We live in the 21st century that humankind is locked to escape. According to the poets and scientists, the gateway of survival is to create a new layer in the geology of the Earth.

A new world on Earth manifests the elemental breaths that keep all things balanced. It comprises a metaphorical procession with 10 phases of transformation between mysterious shadow and peculiar light intertwined with contradictions, growth, overgrown, decline, rebirth, the cosmos, and microorganisms. They are interconnected and in constant change. The video starts with a mythical beetle which symbolises regeneration, and the symbol of the sun bringing light to Earth. It ends with a multi-focused flower dance returning into the darkness of the inner body of the Earth.

A new world on Earth creates connections and renews the relationships between humankind and nature. The digital work reveals the traces of handmade, the ephemeral and emotions. It provides viewers a meditative experience, to wander, to contemplate, to regain energy, and to imagine a new world that is sustainable for our planet.

part of  the ‘Parallel Wanderings’ exhibition for the Chatswood Year of the Tiger Festival
Urban Screen 
The Concourse
Chatswood, Sydney
27 Jan – 20 Feb 2022

OzAsia Festival
Adelaide Festival Centre
King William Road digital screens
20 Oct – 6 Nov 2022