Journey to the West – Watercurtain
Papercuts, installation and light projection

In the Hilton Hotel lobby, Tianli Zu created the site-specific installation for the Chinese Year of the Monkey Celebration.

There are 20 units of double-layered hand-cut paper each measuring 13 metres long, suspended from the ceiling to the floor to create a waterfall sculpture: Water-curtain, a secret wonderland where One of the most famous Chinese legends Monkey King lives.

The installation aimed to broaden viewers’ perception on Chinese culture and tradition. “Water is a very important element in Chinese tradition and culture because it provides nourishment. Nourishment brings rebirth,” Zu explains. “Blue waves are a perfect fit for Sydney geographically. However, the most important thing for me is that my art is there for everyone to enjoy, contemplate and reflect without thinking about cultural differences.”

Commissioned by Hilton Hotel Sydney