Notes (portrait of Andrew Zhou – Composer)
210 x 300 cm

It takes as little as two notes to fill my spirit up whenever I hear my son’s Melody For A New Day.

Although personally affected (no concerts) by the coronavirus, it hasn’t stopped Andrew from creating to inspire hope. Since the lockdown began, Andrew has been writing a new melody every day and sharing it on his Instagram account @melodyforanewday. He wrote: ‘I would love for people to participate … so we can share and keep track …until we can breathe again!’

I sketched Andrew from video calls while he was making music in his London flat. I copied his notations as a much-needed light in the darkness. Through his music, we kept a daily connection to survive.

Andrew resonates the films as reality, and music elevates it all. ‘Which one comes first, the visual or the music?’ ‘The notes.’ He replies.

Notes came to life – connecting with the world outside the walls. They tell stories – travel memories, conversations with nature, friends, and family – like a movie.

Painting Andrew enabled me to discover his world that is filled with magic, wonder, adventures, and complex yet with real emotions. It’s mother-son non-verbal conversational piece, but it could be anyone’s.