Nüwa is Pregnant, 2011
100% cotton paper paintied with Chinese tea and ink, hand cut, wood
420 x 120cm

I attempt to express ambiguous and poetic emotion through intuitive hand cut abstract shapes and symbols that are embedded with concrete meaning. Metaphor is a powerful analogy: it can lead the way to looking beyond the work to grasp the full meaning of life. The responsibility of a contemporary artist in today’s society is to inspire people to open their minds. Openness is the way to the infinite Universe: the cut open space from the solid becomes a true existence. The process of deconstruction and reinvention suggests that one should stop resisting and follow spontaneous change, to act without willful force in order to achieve harmony. Shadow, as the yin principle, is the mother of all things. She is ungraspable because she is hard to distinguish from nature. Shadow is thus the gateway to eternity.