Voiceless, Sherman Diptych

charcoal, Chinese tea and ink, hand-cut paper
145 x 190 cm  (overall), 7 units 

This drawing of Brian Sherman explores the need for physical and psychological balance. It exposes the fragility of human beings, animals and nature, which, at present, are out of balance.  Brian is an animal rights activist. Together with his daughter, Ondine, he founded ‘Voiceless’, which advocates for treating animals with respect and compassion. Brian too would appear to have nearly lost his voice, as a sufferer of Parkinson’s disease. ‘Voiceless, Sherman Diptych’ seeks to engage viewers in a dialogue with Brian and reflects his inner voice. Brian has transcended his limited reality. 

This drawing explores a recurring theme of my work, the interplay of two worlds: inner/outer, East/West, reality/transcendence.  My grandmother first taught me papercutting as a child. In the 1980s, I went to the Shaanxi province to learn from the village women. I’ve been drawing with scissors and knives ever since. 

Brian loves the plum blossom and plums. The cut sheds light. This is about survival.

Dobell Drawing Prize #22
26 March – 22 May 2021
National Art School Gallery

National touring exhibitions:
Gosford Art Gallery
17 July – 12 September 2021
Logan Art Gallery, QLD
3 December 2021 – 22 January 2022
Bank Art Museum Moree
20 February – 13 April 2022
Cowra Regional Art Gallery
25 June – 14 August 2022
Griffith Regional Art Gallery
26 August – 23 October 2022
Bega Valley Regional Gallery
November 2022 – January 2023