The Pentatonic Roosters
Light and music sculpture, steel frame

Roosters are bright, confident, optimistic and tellers of the future. They are happiest when amongst a crowd.

The Rooster Lantern imitates traditional Chinese musical instruments to form its shape. Its body is a large gong; its head is a cymbal; its tail is a set of bamboo clappers; its wattle is a bell; its comb is panpipes; its beak and leg are flutes; and its feet are piccolos.

A group of five roosters symbolises not only the traditional pentatonic scale, but also the flourishing of Chinese culture. Chinese New Year harmonises society like musical harmony.

The Rooster Lantern narrates stories about time and space poetically through music that is written by young composer Andrew Zhou. Viewers are invited to participate by hitting the real gong together with the music.

At night, the roosters are illuminated with programmed lights to suggest passion, romance and dreams.

Chinese Zodiac Lantern Exhibition
Dixon Street, Chinatown, Sydney
27 Jan – 12 Feb 2017
Commissioned by: City of Sydney